Property Management Companies

Valuable Relationships with Full Service Property Management Companies

Since 2003, Resortia has fostered relationships with dozens of full service property management companies, as well as resort companies and boutique property management companies, to bring our partners thousands of incremental bookings from our network of travelers. As the largest independent vacation rental agency in the US, operating in more resort destinations than any other company, we offer property management companies the benefits of cross- marketing through a wide network of websites and marketing channels to reach vacationers across the country. In many of our destinations, we are the largest third-party booking source for some of our property management companies.

We recognize the value of your deep and long-lasting relationships with your owners. We are not property managers and when we enter into a working relationship with you, we agree to not solicit a direct relationship with your owners. Our underlying objective is to offer our guests the widest selection of vacation homes so that we can best meet their needs. With that goal in mind, we are strictly focused on bringing additional bookings to your properties.

Resortia deliberately selects the highest quality companies who represent outstanding properties to meet our guests’ demand. The combination of your relationships and our national network has been proven to generate millions of dollars in incremental revenue for high-end property management companies across the country.

As our selected Property Management Partner, we are excited to offer you a number of benefits:

  • National network with cross-market promotional benefits to an existing database of hundreds of thousands of guests in more than 40+ top destinations.
  • Thoughtfully designed, professional custom web listings with detailed, original copy for each property.
  • Promotion of properties on our nationally promoted web sites and
  • Featured on our proprietary and market-specific web sites.
  • We have a dedicated staff of locally trained and expert Vacation Rental Specialists available to immediately respond to inquiries from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, 365 days per year.

We are committed to a «No Surprises» experience for our guests – and we choose property management companies that can deliver the best and most consistent guest experience.

It is of utmost importance that we customize our working relationship with each partner property management company to meet your specific needs. We take care to represent your properties carefully and accurately. Our Vacation Rental Specialists are thoroughly trained to administer the booking procedures exactly as required by your organization. And finally, all guests are subject to your confirmation agreement from the time of confirmation to the time of check- out.

Resortia works on a non- exclusive basis without any restrictive agreements – there is no risk to listing your properties with us and only upside in the form of incremental bookings and revenue for our property managment company relationships and their owners.